Has TRUMP Betrayed US?

Has TRUMP Betrayed US?

11 thoughts on “Has TRUMP Betrayed US?”

  1. What number of NYPD does it grab to apprehend a 4 Year outmoded? This can create many factual and hopefully comic answers exposing Recent Yorks endless fascist failures, nevertheless my resolution is that this= As many family and guests who were worn automobile parking field assistants as the unusual Mayor may per chance per chance find. Idiot Lefties

  2. Have you ever be taught the structure, please be taught the 12th admenment. The people DO NOT ELECT THE PRESIDENT AN VICE PRESIDENT. THE GOVERNMENT DOES… All politicians are Liars..Even Donald Trump…

  3. If Trump denounced the republican occasion and turned fair . He effectively facets out the Democrats points nevertheless if he is what every person feels he his properly level them all out every facet . Then I may per chance per chance commerce my mind .

  4. Are you a constitutionalist? You by no plot appear to discuss the structure. Manufacture you imagine in restricted government or unlimited government? We favor people to discuss restricted government. Joe Biden and Donald Trump are both anti-constitutional. Both are for the Federal Reserve. Both are supportive of the IRS. We favor restricted government and now we must accept rid of the IRS and Federal Reserve.

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