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  1. In with you I’d receive gave my receive lifestyles coming into into to provide protection to those kids and in particular if my accomplice become as soon as shot. Some arent constructed love that. Ive seen some somewhat sophisticated successfully trained snide asses. Did gigantic in training nonetheless went into shock and become as soon as unemotional when shit the fan in the sandbox. Made it more unhealthy for all of us on epic of now he become as soon as someone that wasnt serving to plot end off attckers after ied went off. Basically he comely become someone we needed to provide protection to and throw down in the wait on of cowl so he didn’t receive killed. Some cant plot end it collectively when RL venture occurs. No longer saying thats what came about on this nonetheless perhaps.

  2. First time watching your channel. Makes me omit my gradual Jarhead husband a ways more than frequent. Our daughters & I felt so favorable when he become as soon as here.

  3. per chance they had been in the strategy of getting a divorce and this will most likely be more cost-effective for him ?? the quantity of COWARDICE that become as soon as displayed that day will By no manner be forgotten and EVERY SINGLE officer on scene desires to be Fired and Prosecuted for dereliction of responsibility, habits unbecoming, and complicity in abolish…my idea

  4. Your thoughts are discipline on!!! He is a COWARD!! It breaks my coronary heart to mediate that his accomplice potentially believed he would assign her and she died luminous that he become as soon as nothing nonetheless a COWARD!!!

  5. Esteem what you operate I’m at a loss for words you acknowledged it become as soon as that man that showed no feelings nonetheless he did drawl that observation that’s what I heard too nonetheless the choice man that any other particular person talked about showed a motion that he become as soon as crying and in level of truth being held wait on or no longer it is the man in the tan uniform with the AR being held wait on by the Elephantine officer no longer distinct which one is the very best man nonetheless the feelings says that or no longer it is him nonetheless the observation says that or no longer it is a ways your man that you simply picked up are you able to account for for us

  6. I wish each person would perhaps hear you. I seen what you seen, also AFTER they acknowledged the shooter become as soon as down (, and this become as soon as at opposite conclude of hall by other door, apparently officer walked outside and round coz he distinct didn’t bound down the hall) explore what he does. Officer is quiet standing by wall, never attempts something else. That is when they tell him to head outside, per chance thats when they took his gun. Cannot each person perceive this? Why can no longer the information broadcast this reality?

  7. Also, after the officer leaves that 1st nook, the Sheriff’s Dept comes in. The extensive slim deputy that hangs on that associated nook, is Lexi’s Rubios father, she is in that room and did disappear away. He also comely stood there your entire time. His friends didn’t provide to head abet, one has his hand on Rubio’s wait on nonetheless is no longer ” preserving him wait on”. The wives of both these guys are athletic, THEY would of bound in to abet if their cherished ones had been at threat. Perchance these guys had been in shock, nonetheless they should no longer be held up as in the occasion that they had been Bravely doing their only.

  8. If this uvalde cop no longer even willing to operate all the pieces that you simply might mediate of and threat his lifestyles to assign his receive accomplice when she is shot and being held hostage, what would he be willing to operate on your accomplice or kids in the occasion that they had been at threat in The same eventualities? Are these the of us we’re in actuality relying on to defend us in unhealthy eventualities? Are you in actual fact willing to construct your teens and cherished ones in law enforcements fingers after seeing this? I’m no longer , you have to be willing to receive your security and welfare into your receive fingers in 2022, and exhaust your secondamendment…the of us you pay at the side of your tax dollars are no longer coming to assign you and that has been made sure by this incident! the oath they must rotect and wait on is to their civil servant bosses, NOT TO YOU! They provide protection to their bosses & STATE PROPERTY, SERVE THEIR AGENDAS and ENFORCE THEIR POLICIES AND THE CORRUPT STATUS QUO WE ARE SEEING PLAY OUT IN THESE CITIES, despite the truth that that entails trampling over your rights(red flag guidelines, gun confiscation, civil forfeiture of cash and property with none legal charges being given out or probable cause, the place of us should battle tooth and nail and count on legal educated from citizen const. Rights organizations to HOPEFULLY have in their case and receive their cash or property wait on after it is a ways UNLAWFUL SEIZED BY LOCAL/STATE POLICE COOPERATING WITH FEDERAL CIVIL FORFEITURE GUIDELINES!), and utter extortion cash collectors as if our taxes and sales tax/profits tax wasn’t ample. we should wake up to this tyranny and that our authorities has become fully wicked and HAS FAILED US, YET STILL WANT TO OVER TAX US THROUGH THE NOSE EVEN THOUGH THEY CANT PROVIDE US WITH PROPER BASIC SERVICES, MISMANAGE OUR TAX MONEY and squander it on policies, functions, and causes that operate no longer replicate the desires, desire, or WILL operate the American citizenry! Provide billions to wicked foreign nations and fund wars nonetheless can’t even be obvious that to be obvious that that that states love Michigan and Mississippi receive super water, and of us in metro cities should dwell in fixed wretchedness and our most susceptible teens and aged are preyed on on epic of they’ll no longer rely on their local law enforcement and federal law enforcement to abet deal with the crime wave in our cities. Then to top it off the government, are on a advertising campaign to develop it more and more sophisticated, and in some utter no longer possible to adequately defend ourselves after we predict to receive our receive security and lives into our receive fingers(on epic of we in actuality CARE about our KIDS AND WIVES/GFS!), esp. in utter the place law enforcement receive admitted they’ll no longer be obvious that that our security or be ready to even repeat up in a timely manner for calls, and our states/cities receive failed us! it is a ways obvious we dwell IN A FAILED STATE , and here is unacceptable in particular in the context of what our const. Has laid out for us. I search data from if I am Mute residing in the const. Republic of my grandfather and his father! Here is no longer the identical republic, and I don’t have here is a republic anymore, they comely were taking half in on our lack of consciousness and never telling us they receive got trade our scheme and are ready until they prevail in absolute vitality and withhold a watch on of us by the fresh wef esgc form centralized digital currency that Biden has signed into law in his latest govt announce this year. It has been essentially the most secretive tyrannical action in the historical previous of our nation since the patriot actofcourse , and the bulk of American operate no longer even know about this govt announce contingency idea until that is also to gradual. Smh, of us don’t have on to the truth until it’s too gradual comely demand at the hunter Biden fable , this country is doomed if 2/3 of the nation proceed to act the strategy they’re behaving and never opening their eyes to the gruesome reality of our venture.

  9. Here is so fishy to me now that I in actual fact mediate about it, this fable wreaks and his response would no longer seem love a true legitimate manner that an ARMED AND ARMORED TRAINED MAN WOULD REACT on this venture. ESPECIALLY, when they had AN ACTIVE SHOOTER TRAINING DRILL 1-2 WEEK BEFORE AND DID NOT FOLLOW THEIR TRAINING, this doesn’t develop sense and is no longer receive true of us would perhaps be acting hearing teens died and yowl out for abet, i don’t have of us would perhaps be ready to be that cool, quiet, smooth managed! Or how of us ATLEAST I, have adequately trained and armed males would react when they know a bunch of innocent teens are being slaughtered. Y a psycho and they receive got overwhelming power. How usually will we perceive f.f and hoaxes happen after OFFICIAL CRISIS DRILLS TAKING PLACE WITH GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, IT IS STATISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE! HOW MANY TIMES operate these “coincidences” HAPPEN before we initiate up asking search data from and initiate up doubting, researching, questioning. And no longer hunting for it anymore! I notion this become as soon as a entire preplanned f.flag psy.op/utter funded dread act and I’ve of us died, nonetheless after seeing this and the response I in actuality receive a nagging feeling that this COULD be a entire pre planned govt. HOAX PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION No longer one the place of us in actuality died . It the BAD ACTING FOR ME, AND ITS CREATING DOUBT!They already did it as soon as with s.h. So who in actuality knows! It will’t be a twist of destiny all of this occurs then we now receive got all of this gun legislation lined up comely love at what came about in S.h.

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