Henry U.S. Survival/AR-7 Rifle- Gloomy Scout Critiques

Henry U.S. Survival/AR-7 Rifle- Gloomy Scout Critiques

11 thoughts on “Henry U.S. Survival/AR-7 Rifle- Gloomy Scout Critiques”

  1. I gotta salvage me considered one of those! I attain relatively a few kayaking & despise taking a pistol even though I admire 3 dry wells. I rob my grandchildren 2 at a time out with me in lakes in GA that admire been known to admire gators. I grew up in South Louisiana & all it takes is a 22 lr to ruin one, I’ve executed it! Couple that with the flexibility to admire in a pack is ultimate! As talked about, it would reach in to hand when mountain climbing with my 3 canines, fair appropriate in case something admire been to happen esteem getting lost, while now now not seemingly the set aside we on the entire sail but we’re shifting to TN as soon as we are able to so this would allow me to hunt to feed us all! I dearly esteem this channel, the retailer is awesome with quickly delivery even with the c19 mess! Extremely suggest it! Acquired some in actuality cool stuff. The knives are above my pay grade so are on my record of “wants”!

  2. No person has ever requested to “are trying considered one of my weapons”…till i pull out the henry. Nothing but smiles. The consensus after taking pictures is that rifle goes to the tip of their SHTF record.

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