High 5 Fresh Weapons JUST REVEALED for 2023

High 5 Fresh Weapons JUST REVEALED for 2023

8 thoughts on “High 5 Fresh Weapons JUST REVEALED for 2023”

  1. I repeatedly accumulate it funny staring at people wander these obstacle classes and heart of attention on their a badass. I can’t again nonetheless know ninety nine% would shit the mattress if those targets where taking pictures again.

  2. The guy taking pictures the Springfield Saint Edge ATC…WHO SHOOTS LIKE THAT? Why would no longer he wrap his thumb and internet across the pistol grip? When he’s prepared to pull the feature off, he brings his thumb up to the aspect of the receiver, losing alter! Awwwww that is SO tense to uncover, I couldn’t stand it so I skipped to the following video! Here in California, they set up a internet-based restriction on the grip TO MAKE YOU SHOOT LIKE THAT and every person replaces this rediculious grip and yer doing it on motive…what’s with you???

  3. Gun mania, right here is the form of factor that made gun violence the leading feature off of death amongst youngsters, tiring immature males who heart of attention on weapons are some form of rite of passage to manhood.

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