Highlights from making a everlasting bushcraft camp – a-physique shelter

9 thoughts on “Highlights from making a everlasting bushcraft camp – a-physique shelter”

  1. I love your movies they're different from the leisure more realistic then a smartly off man pretending he's a homeless person were you surely exit and earn your food most steadily and that you’re residing off the land assemble your non-public instruments as smartly more love the realistic Vikings now not some weekend camper the contrivance you carry out it appears to be more love one intention of existence now not love a couple of of these movies other folks keep out to assemble money off of their merchandise they fight to promote the entirety you carry out is all handcrafted a skill that now not many contributors non-public I love it that there's now not deal of speaking so as that so as that away other folks must pay attention your movies was once the important thing that I seen out of 10 of these movies on YouTube and I always expertise looking out at essentially the most efficient earn up the broad work and earn having fun along with your self within the woods your pal Ray from Foley Alabama United States

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