How They’re Controlling US

How They’re Controlling US

11 thoughts on “How They’re Controlling US”

  1. Agree with whatever you wish, exact please endure in mind that your most fundamental other doesn’t posessed serpent DNA and he did not had passed down her serpent DNA to the kids.

  2. I have faith the media on chronicle of I even possess shit for brains. I will not mediate for myself or assemble my be pleased choices 😜. I don’t know what to achieve, mediate, or where is a safe space to fling.

  3. George S is the motive for this divide and every person is aware of it! What might perhaps moreover very effectively be done? He owns our dem occasion also. For my portion that is!

  4. Jack we all assemble errors, I strive to scrutinize all of your vids. Possess continually thumbed up them and I mediate you are one hell of a patriot and a straight shooter. Thanks for the ideas. and hope so as to assemble some of you survival tools. Withhold on doing vids look forward to the next one.

  5. Pedophile ” billie boy gates ” will have to possess to be the take a look at ” DUMMY ” for ALL of his vaccines earlier than something might perhaps moreover very effectively be compelled apound innocent PEOPLE of this planet , PERIOD . These so known as spewers of reality and , indoctrinators are positively not company of WE the PEOPLE , PERIOD .

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