How this Affects my YouTube Channel..

How this Affects my YouTube Channel..

10 thoughts on “How this Affects my YouTube Channel..”

  1. All this b***** is suitable a Inferior smokescreen to raise in the Original World Deliver agenda 21 2030 the upward thrust of the Antichrist the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ every observe will look him? How does every I look him living on a ball? The Earth is flat and always has been appropriate esteem the Bible says🙏🏻❌⭕😇

  2. Hi there…my first time searching at your channel and I esteem it! You were talking about “programs to” matters for shorter videos. How about Dutch oven cooking, setting up an iron tripod over the fireside, form of hearth to express for particular food and cooking vessel, digging the self-discipline for a latrine and asserting it. Furthermore, sanitary cooking and cleansing of dishes and utensils. Storage of food and dresses to discourage visits from bears. Who’s aware of…we could need to know a pair of of this to are living day after day if things change into too unsafe. My husband and I in fact were camping for 50 years, and we’ve realized that we’ll be ravishing as lengthy as we can manufacture taters, biscuits, bacon, and navy bean soup, and can merit our toes dry and have a head covering and a few gloves.Please merit making the videos and set ranking and remoted as noteworthy as that you just could furthermore comprise. God bless and heal your itsy-bitsy one. Taking a search ahead to seeing future videos!

  3. proceed with the video’s affect no longer quit, have more interplay with you dog. manufacture survival, videos, it’d be good to have a checklist of what we can need to stay on

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