11 thoughts on “HOW WW3 will AFFECT YOU”

  1. Think it, Putin, what does Putin sound purchase to you, why now now not honest appropriate outright speak it, as a change of Putin honest appropriate speak Fartin 😁 And besides, the name Putin doesn't even sound Russian until you add the letters ov on the stop of Putin as in Putinov.

  2. I infrequently marvel if the hot administration is now now not outdated in any recognize, however as a change in cahoots with Rus and Chi because they desire this nation to be com…

  3. HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF !!! The hit ler for the twenty first century, Vlad “the angry bom ber” has declared battle on humanity. Will you stand idly on the aspect of the glo bal elites and tyranny or will you attain all you’re going to be ready to to keep freedom loving humanity ? Depopulation Segment II has begun.

  4. Sizable aspects. So loopy I've been looking out at this channel since I graduated highschool. Been actually esteem 5 to 6 years. My husband and I defend in the be aware of God and God has with out a doubt placed on our heart for years that stuff used to be going to pass down on both the enviornment and nationwide stage, we comprise even and loopy dreams about it and seeing all the things come to pass is loopy. Staunch a reminder to space up through prayer earlier than all else. however I esteem that your channel offers functional preparation data and perspective for instances esteem these thanks!

  5. At the same time as you Crane falls it will command the total corruption between Obama and the Biden crime syndicates the Ukraine is nothing more however a immense laundering pit for Democrats that's why they're holding it so fiercely hell they're even prepared to start out a battle over it cuz you know Obama Hillary and Joe Biden are going to be exposed if the Ukraine nation falls Putin will command it and I’m hoping he does

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