11 thoughts on “I KNOW WHO IT IS! Ashli BABBITs SHOOTER”

  1. I mild don't know if she's actually dull? looked love a staged false flag.. In particular with armed SWAT standing literally unhurried her.. Any individual who is armed, “namely Police” know that's one among the gun safety NoNOs! No blood splatter either. till she wipes her face.

  2. I would judge most those that notice this channel are pro regulations and dispute. In that case why is that this officer labeled a “assassin?” This used to be an out of control mob that breached the US Capitol and advancing. The mob used to be about to spoiled the closing line of defense earlier than the chamber maintaining individuals Congress. The officer didn’t possess the posh to locate if Ashli Babbit used to be armed or no longer. She used to be warned by extra than one officers to cease unhurried the barricaded door. She didn’t.

  3. Ashli BABBIT’s abolish is a tragic tragedy, that this officer Lt. Michael Leroy Hen will skate on. Because the “deep issue” is working the legend of “Rise up” , to cloak Ashli’s haines death, and compare out to hasten it to locate love Trump supporters fault. WRONG ANSWER, LEFT!!! Ashli didn’t deserve any wound, diminutive on my own being murdered,,,

  4. Yeah, an unarmed girl getting shot, how might maybe that happen at present time? In particular to a white girl, am I shapely?Nina Adams

    LaShanda Anderson

    Deresha Armstrong

    Kisha Arrone

    Crystalline Barnes

    India Beaty

    Dereshia Blackwell

    Sandra Bland

    Jonie Block

    Ma’Khia Bryant

    Alexia Christian

    Decynthia Clements

    Deborah Danner

    Angel Viola DeCarlo

    Monique Jenee Deckard

    Cynthia Fields

    Janisha Fonville

    Korryn Gaines

    Francine Graham

    Sandy Guardiola

    Mya Hall

    Yuvette Henderson

    Kiwi Herring

    Cariann Hithon

    Meagan Hockaday

    Nika Holbert

    Atatiana Jefferson

    Redel Jones

    Bettie Jones

    Helen Jones

    India Kager

    Charleena Lyles

    Marquesha mcMillan

    Kisha Michael

    India Nelson

    Jessica Nelson-Williams

    Lajuana Phillips

    Crystal Danielle Ragland

    Morgan London Rankins

    Sahlah Ridgeway

    Shukri Ali Said

    Michelle Lee Shirley

    Tameka LaShay Simpson

    Laronda Sweatt

    Breonna Taylor

    Geraldine Townsend

    Pamela Shantay Turner

    Latasha Nicole Walton

    April Webster

    Robin White

    Janet Wilson

    Alteria WoodsSorry, none of them are white, I couldn't obtain any of those, but all 50 had been unarmed ladies folks shot by police within the closing 6 years, 100 officers alive to total, 9 fired, 5 charged, 3 with aggravated assault, 1 with man2nd, 1 with murder3rd, ZERO convicted. I'm assuming you'll be making 50 new movies inspecting these conditions within the near future? Oh and none of them had been traitors taking allotment in a coup against the U.S. or attempting to carry wound to individuals of congress.

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