I Spent my thirty fourth Birthday Alone on an Island within the Canadian Barren divulge. Closing Ep 10 Days 10 Objects

10 thoughts on “I Spent my thirty fourth Birthday Alone on an Island within the Canadian Barren divulge. Closing Ep 10 Days 10 Objects”

  1. Fine make a selection I don’t eat fish irrespective of how hungry I’m so letting them scuttle is what I dwell to carry out and I appreciate the indisputable truth that you don’t preserve them when it’s too well-known to eat but thx for the vids fancy to be taught from you and looks indulge in a ton of fun moreover the less warm temp ones I’m freezing staunch watching them

  2. In the occasion you bewitch a swig of booze on every occasion he tells you it’s his birthday, then I ship my condolences to your family, on legend of you’re boring.

  3. You scuttle Joe! Serenity on the lake,solo, I well-known loved watching, substantial narration, I ponder if I could additionally carry out this at 58? Hmmmm , I tell I’m goona give it my most effective shot in Wisconsin, I’m going to surely pack a walking stick or cane, maybe crutches, and a respirator, I can carry out it!

  4. I staunch realized your channel thanks for this sequence ..awesome stuff. Proper somewhat of info Pike is even handed one of the most leanest fish ..less then 1 gram of full per oz. Most folk don't mark the importance of full ..namely in a survival type divulge. It could of been gorgeous to utilize quite a bit more of that lard you introduced with you or even invent a fish head stew with the fatty organs etc. And on legend of you're an awfully lean younger man without many full shops for your body even more crucial… That added full would of helped your energy phases ..

  5. Wide sequence, Joe!! I loved this very well-known! Fable time by myself on the lake. And taking the time to narrative the total scramble is staunch genuinely above and beyond. Sounds indulge in to me that you had a extreme nutrition C deficiency. You would possibly presumably maybe traipse out of energy so rapid, it’s possible you’ll presumably maybe be ready to't feel it coming and wham, In the occasion you exit for extended time but again, invent particular to bewitch at hire 1,000usp items of nutrition C a day. I use chewables or gummies as soon as a day. Even with low protein intake, the nutrition C will enable you preserve energized. Anyway, substantial sequence and thank you very well-known. This earned you a sub, and I'll be watching you for a protracted time to return. Be obtain and bewitch care!

  6. You've long past some distance, man. You started from barely anything, and survey at you now. Im watching this for the fourth time. Purchase it up !

  7. oh u heart-broken guy u didnt obtain to eat a fish that feeds 4 for breakfast and a fish that feeds 6 for lunch…heart-broken guy you lol, cinnamon apple crisp staunch wont carry out it for you huh. man u must predict naked and nervous lol i considered u discuss about ravenous arrangement too over and over but u have NO IDEA what ravenous is lol

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