I split 2 YEARS price of WOOD with this AXE! Heating With WOOD.

10 thoughts on “I split 2 YEARS price of WOOD with this AXE! Heating With WOOD.”

  1. Massive video brother. I continually love your work and serve from your movies. You may want to maybe presumably presumably presumably also would prefer to place in thoughts placing the wooden in a tire when splitting it. Must you pack the tire with wooden, the tire holds the wooden collectively so you don’t wish to withhold resetting after every swing.

  2. I assume this axe is to slender, it’s seemingly you’ll presumably presumably also try the ochsenkopf spaltfix 2500g with Rotband plus. Thats “the classic” german splittingaxe ^^

  3. Haha why would you now breeze your slicing block over to your wooden somewhat then in reverse then wish to tackle it all again haha. You’ll be taught in time I hope finally. Don’t compose more work for yourself

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