I’m Coming Tidy!

I’m Coming Tidy!

11 thoughts on “I’m Coming Tidy!”

  1. Jack thank you for your carrier! I served in the USAF. My son is at this time in the Marines. Thanks for being a humble man of God, who true does the true thing; it be now no longer relevant what others assume. If God be for us who could well honest even be in opposition to us? God bless you and your loved ones. Praying πŸ™ for you and your loved ones!!

  2. Care for giving advice. I’m listening and praying too. Fetch now no longer discontinuance . I heard your message about quitting ingesting and listening to certain youtube movies. I’m starting up to develop that . I’m 55 and I salvage to discontinuance ingesting. I are residing in Canada . I joined the Militia when I changed into once 16 but quit to gain out of the home… I wish I did no longer but now I salvage a teenage son and our country is so woke. I indubitably plan to be going to Mexico and crossing the border but I’m probable now no longer match ample. Anyway, withhold talking. God bless you and your loved ones…Tony

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