11 thoughts on “IMPEACH Biden”

  1. Need to claim mitch mconnell saying no is a appropriate conception,if biden stays and trump runs by 2024 there might be no formulation they may be able to cheat when 90% vote trump or ted cruz and rand paul vp shhhh

  2. Biden is the Sleepy Nazi. I attended Jan 6th “Quit the Elevate” rally in D.C. I did NOT enter the Capitol. This day, I bought my letter of revocation of my TSA PreCheck. No motive given, assorted than “TSA used to be unable to settle that (I) pose a sufficiently low threat to …. nationwide safety.” I am a 20 twelve months retired Navy commander. I’ve below no circumstances been arrested. My worst offense of my 55 twelve months life used to be 75mph in a 50mph road, which I paid a nice, took an uneventful 8 hour class and deeply, deeply remorse…. In the intervening time, Afghan/unvetted Taliban can fly with NO PAPERS on United Airways, straight to a neighborhood shut to you. Certain, Biden is pure unhealthy. He hates Americans, however loves non-Americans bigger than us.

  3. Every little thing about this entire withdrawal is fully fubar. I will doubtless be surprised if we now savor any Allies after this. Biden needs to resign NOW. God Bless Our Troops

  4. The 25TH AMENDMENT is formulation previous due!! YEA, it seemingly would no longer lunge via, however no longer no longer up to it might per chance presumably well provide some form of accountability of HIS BIDEN and FRIENDS ACTIONS!!😡😠🤡🤡CLOWN SHOW!! Is this WHOLE administration HIGH and soooo aloof that they’re void of any KIND of real looking SANE judgement.. Presumably their letting all this FENTANYL via because they employ it ALL DAY!!I am pissed OFF!!

  5. If the CDC would savor diminished sick days for the length of Trumps period, it might per chance presumably be in all places the data and naturally blame Trump. Nonetheless since it be going on now with Biden And CDC saying lead is ample in water when it’s critically no longer with out a media coverage is nice…

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