11 thoughts on “Is IT TIME for a REVOLUTION?”

  1. Hiya, I was as soon as buying to your outrage video about lawful wing nazi model e book burnings, e book banning, and their demonizing librarians for putting any e book, journal, newspaper, and media on their cupboards. If you frigid respond with a link to your outrage video about lawful wing e book censorship that be astronomical, thanks! OH, and might also you encompass the lawful wing handbook that outlines what they'll allow me to enact with my salvage physique now? Thank gawd my 3 miscarriages grasp exceeded the statute of boundaries, in every other case God would grasp a bounty on his head for killing my infants. Care for up the fight to employ our lawful to grasp a pew pew. Lawd is conscious of we must grasp the lawful to unalive anybody who we stare as a likelihood it doesn’t matter what our mental bid or felony history!! Talking of remedy…. 🙄🤣It’s purchased to suck to be so vexed of dang reach the complete lot to if truth be told feel the want to roar of us to end harmful, OMFG LOL

  2. I mediate we ought to aloof discontinue with the freaking smoke screens all these miniature items that of us are so into watching on TV when the right considerations aren't being talked about at all and I’d issue 90% of all politicians are pussies I greatest hear a tiny handful if truth be told talking the rest are most exciting sitting there and doing nothing and I cannot judge that every and every one the Democratic politicians judge this regime is doing lawful for the nation due to in the event that they enact they design now not seem to be fee Jack s***

  3. You understand it reminds me of a bar fight for the complete lot in the bar is mostly a weapon and there's no referees but when it comes down to the the Republican side they mediate all that started an investigation and let's discuss about it but they're now not fascinating to inspire it up I mediate we ought to aloof all open carrying a astronomical follow inspire it up

  4. I realize what you might very properly be announcing, but there comes a time after we don’t grasp leg to stand on, all media in most cases liberal, legislation enforcement being weaponized towards conservatism, disarmament, you discuss the total time about being censored…. I heard you issue to derive to significant to lose, and these who don’t are most exciting sad and worthless, potentially smells enjoy frigid Ranch Doritos….kind of man, properly as a unhappy man’s conservative, ragged and current non-public security/EMT, seeing what I detect on a usual basis on my stage, we’re shedding. I’m able to achieve why a man with your money and industry will issue some of what you issue. Nonetheless you grasp place yourself on this location, and now of us are attempting to search out that management,” then all over again it’s fight but enact it with the pen despite the indisputable truth that the cards are fairly significant stacked towards us. Ever mediate that what you grasp now might also additionally be long past day after nowadays to come, I even want to on daily basis, due to if I’m brutally most exciting as you might presumably issue, I’d lose! And I’m now not a loser!

  5. I desire every tainted pos Goonverment employee who has dedicated Treason by ignoring their oath to Protect the Constitution will get the instant pause of a rope in public!

  6. Just like the video bit Trump has performed very right in fairly a number of methods. Nonetheless he’s ANTI 2A. I additionally don't don't enjoy every other globalist views he holds. Trump is No longer an even friend or Patriot. I admire whenever you occur to mediate he’s. Nonetheless for Conservative Constitutionalists, we know better than to evaluate the government installed leaders. (Deeper observation than you understand)

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