Is TOTAL Give design Coming?

Is TOTAL Give design Coming?

11 thoughts on “Is TOTAL Give design Coming?”

  1. 1:52 enact no longer judge that economic propaganda about China! Chinas economic system is crashing and burning today, they’re defaulting on loans, of us are no longer paying their mortgages, the provincial authorities is defaulting on loans and getting caught of their fraud schemes by European banks, the west is decoupling ourselves from them, and since the recession strikes forward and now we possess to tighten our belts theirs does even worse and is hit tougher because of the they depend on us for industry. They don’t construct money if we refuse to exhaust their bullsh!t! Please enact your compare and you can per chance per chance gaze the total speculation about China is pure propaganda and the truth is UGLY and the Chinese language desire it suppressed and HIDDEN!

  2. Sadly the US powers that be are willing to promote out their nation and countrymen for about a dollars and a promise of vitality kept by following the rabbit gap. Runt enact they know they’ll be the first on the block to display what happens whenever you flip on those in vitality. They’re going to be the brilliant example of the unique authorities to no longer get up for freedom.

  3. 10:47 sounds cherish sabotage to me (cherish what Klaus schaub nazi and honorable dad , had been doing in ww2 attacking our ports of entry, infiltrating and inflicting chaos with the unions and now the globalist lnwo and klaus is up to the the same tactics in his battle against the usa.s. To salvage up the globalist FOURTH REICH UNDER the German/Prussian klaus and King Charles and soros(also Borja nd raised a Nazi ), we the American citizenry are in a battle and the majority of of us don’t even comprehend it. They are seeking to realize wha the Nazis could per chance per chance no longer and take away down the u.s. and install their world authorities, and salvage revenge and attain what their nazi ancestors tried to enact other than with a a little bit altered neofascist ideology and worldview. These of us are fascists , textbook, but had to alternate the ideology to compare the area stage because of the they’re after the area no longer appropriate Europe. China has no chance , the most efficient reason they’ve gotten where they’re and are mute afloat is thanks to the western globalist elite by scheme of Nixon constructing up China, and the globalist elite by scheme of Clinton constructing up their armed forces. We as AMERICA BUILT CHINA. once the western globalist vitality CUT THE TAP OF. MONEY TO CHINA FROM THE CENTRAL BANK SWISS BANKSA aND WORLD BANK THEY ARE DONE! Essentially the most efficient scheme their nation even runs and could per chance per chance construct its believe infrastructure is by scheme of thier provincial authorities eliminating fraudulent loans from the European central financial institution and Swiss banks, who straight finance chinas authorities and construction. Now that they are defaulting and all these Swiss banks possess caught onto chinas fraud it’s over, and once they slice the money faucet off China is useless on the water and must mute no longer even be ready to take dangle of its believe nation, vitality, infrastructure. China can’t exist with out the western globalist powers, and all of this behaviour from China is all political theatre and optics for the globalist liberal unique world confide in position up thier legend and the area stage. If China has the nerve to decid to no longer partner with their agenda, and goes rogue or becomes defiant ….there nation will give scheme even sooner than it already is crashing and burning. This could per chance slouch from a dumb burn to a immediate fizzle.

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