11 thoughts on “ITs BIGGER than YOU THINK”

  1. That makes lots of sense tulsi and Crenshaw are the actual same. Both “getting along with diversified aspect” seems love snakes dipped in sugar to me.

  2. In Match 201 by the gates foundation they stated how they allready know hundreds of of us attain now not have confidence the mainstream info shops/companies in enlighten that they need to hotfoot deeper into the communities on a more non-public stage that folk have confidence(equivalent to local youtube teach creators) to salvage there info/angendas accredited by the of us. They allready had deliberate to reveal propoganda brokers into youtube communities, social media or any diversified platforms diversified than perfect the mainstream info stations. Appears to be like love 95% of mainstream corperations salvage united with the globalists as nicely. In finding at google, householders of youtube, a huge world salvage, there might maybe be now not a just for anybody to behave love or judge google and you tube are seemingly to be now not a huge great vitality of the globalist run, they’ve massive vitality i fluence, money, recordsdata and who’s conscious of what else xD. Vastly powerfull phycopaths working day and night to enslave us. Thanks for the flicks, great appreciated and helpful!

  3. Theres coincidences superb chess strikes bro… Now we salvage to name a spade a spade it appears love a success with extra trimmings of flee exploitation and attempting to incite distrust in between the white and black neighborhood whereas additionally chipping away at 2d amendment freedoms. Two birds one stone so as to focus on

  4. So Crenshaw fully helps red flag authorized guidelines huh, I articulate we give him what he wants. He certain seems unstable to me, PTSD and blind in a single glimpse. Turns on his chums and constituents. Doesn’t sound love somebody who will have to salvage an AR-15 to me. I articulate we uncover if they are able to enforce their authorized guidelines on each and every diversified.To make certain I’m in no ability making fun of PTSD, and no-one loves our vets better than me. But love Jack stated being a vet isn’t a free pass.

  5. Imagine being so fragile that entering into a automobile accident with an Asian person makes you might maybe need fright attacks whereas you gaze Asians. 🤡

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