Learn the technique to Shim Handcuffs

Learn the technique to Shim Handcuffs

11 thoughts on “Learn the technique to Shim Handcuffs”

  1. I love your video I am essentially liking to learn this form of stuff because this woman purchased locked out of her dwelling so I picked her lock from what I discovered from you and opened her door she gave me 50$:if she would of paid a locksmith they wanted 150$ actual to fabricate what I did

  2. I.m canadien and I.m 62 years historic so determined to purchase dry foods plus I would want insulin and I bear a hypo thyroide ..I will.t dawdle worthy but making an strive though-provoking too please can u let me know if I will teach from you .adore your reasoning your mountainous in my book b carefull with adore ❤️

  3. As a cramped of one, I ofter played with a form of ways if escaping the highest lock form of handcuffs. I in total actual picked the lock with a profusion of devices. Paperclip & a form of devices. Refreshing my memory while showing extra ways., I would also prefer to perceive easy opt up away the double locking cuffs also??? Set up up the real work Jack!

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