Lunch in the Woods on a Firebox Range

Lunch in the Woods on a Firebox Range

10 thoughts on “Lunch in the Woods on a Firebox Range”

  1. Thanks for the video. I in actuality have a Bushbuddy and Bushbuddy Ultra to boot to to about six other wood-burning stoves. They’re the suitable whilst you happen to want effectivity and it retains the floor desirable. I’ve even stupidly cooked with it on my pillow to illustrate to a buddy how frigid the backside ran. I’m looking out for to receive the Firebox ensuing from the Bushbuddy can handiest cook dinner on pots as the flame centers and burns like a flash and sizzling. It’s likely you’ll perchance presumably well presumably’t spend it for grilling, toasting or simmering successfully. Hopefully the Firebox will moreover set up some dwelling in my backpack though it is much heavier than the Bushbuddy.

  2. I dont even detect the burden of mine and I’m a skinny lad. When I put it in mg again pack I cannot even yell its there it packs the total manner down to nothing. As a newbie with stick stoves it burned straight. Its straightforward to receive a hearth going. Easiest stressful bit is prep however u blueprint no longer even must attain loads of prep with the fire materials its no swett. Hearth field is a beast. Weight is never any longer a suppose 🙂 I will dwell with the burden its no biggy.

  3. Doesn’t Firebox have a “nano” range now? Doubtless an Update video evaluating the Firebox Nano to the Bush Buddy specifically for backpacking wants? If it works for packing, it works for portaging…

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