MAJOR NEWS!! Politicians Headed to Bunkers

MAJOR NEWS!! Politicians Headed to Bunkers

11 thoughts on “MAJOR NEWS!! Politicians Headed to Bunkers”

  1. Wager who paid for all of these items that these politicians are going to accept to make expend of. I’m going to wager you any quantity of cash that they by no plot paid for the main thing I wager you they don’t even pay taxes

  2. I chortle at the truth they accept as true with the bunkers we built within the 50’s will defend them – they will no longer – they will be struck with extra than one ground bursts.I reside somewhere that would maybe be safe (no longer a scheme) and safe from fallout patterns.If nuclear weapons are exchanged tomorrow to come, I could maybe maybe not care less and it would minute impact me.In point of truth, it would be for the one.

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