Making a body saw / buck saw for bushcraft

Making a body saw / buck saw for bushcraft

9 thoughts on “Making a body saw / buck saw for bushcraft”

  1. So right here you fetch gotten an different determination to what I fetch performed to grab the blade. I correct employ my swiss knife wooden noticed blade to lower two 2″ diameter sticks and noticed a vertical lower on the bottom of the two sticks , employ the awl to dig out a proper kind spot to screw in a 1″ wooden screw with the bottle opener on the knife. the whole lot else is de facto the corresponding to yours except yours looks great more professional. So in my relieve pack I elevate an eighteen breeze noticed blade ,my swiss knife ,with kernmantled string , wooden screws and the details of how one can assemble one thing to lower up thicker wooden if required. immense video.

  2. Please quit calling stuff bushcraft when your using instruments that you’d in no way fetch in bushcraft correct resulting from you beat a chisel with a log doesn't assemble it bushcraft qualified or employ a design shave on a outmoded bench vise. I mark its assemble one thing for later bushcraft but..

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