Making “Yakut” knife – blacksmithing

Making “Yakut” knife – blacksmithing

9 thoughts on “Making “Yakut” knife – blacksmithing”

  1. In case of a left handed particular person, may perhaps perhaps silent be the void bevel i the replacement facet? Or the knife is able to give a lawful carrier in every fingers?

  2. Very fair correct job and thanks for this video. Facet present, after I became staring at the foot operated hammer, I presumed of the 3 stooges : “after I nod my head, you hit it.” 😂😂

  3. I in point of truth revel in staring at your videos man .. you will get me one day within the forest somewhere…❤.. you shall be in point of truth son of vikings .

  4. Thank you for your astounding channel. straightforward fascinating, & very successfully build collectively. I became launched to the channel closing weekend, thanks another time. fred

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