Man Fights Off 4 Attackers in His Driveway

Man Fights Off 4 Attackers in His Driveway

11 thoughts on “Man Fights Off 4 Attackers in His Driveway”

  1. They’re for sure amateurs that don’t know what threshold of violence they’re willing to horrible, they would perhaps also just had been loads more deadly if they wished. Give it time they’ll be shooting the aged quickly.

  2. They would now no longer of got far from my house right here’s why y I u elevate in every single plot especially house no point combating in some states I’d wander to detention center for defending myself assemble cams and set strapped

  3. Wow mE and my mates talked this day to younger fam contributors this day said similar component feeble to assert contact me 1st and no even as you are goin to be in a fight take them out 1st length

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