MARINE Reacts to Gwen BERRY

MARINE Reacts to Gwen BERRY

11 thoughts on “MARINE Reacts to Gwen BERRY”

  1. To every person complaining about your oppression. As within the video I talked about train me the place is better. North Korea, Cuba, Afghanistan – please title your UTOPIA. I’m sharp.

  2. The USA is more doubtless to be better than far and big else. If we as a nation has freedoms why is it any such yelp when chooses to inform that freedom. It is Hypocritical to be in contact badly of someone that doesn’t compose as you expected however in turn you feel it’s seemingly you’ll possibly per chance must staunch to impress them. That’s why many African Americans resolve to utilize those platforms to voice due to it looks resolve on to freedoms that were earned are for a huge range of effective a sure class of of us.

  3. I fabricate no longer care you shaded or white or yellow , you never must disrespect a international locations flag or anthem. I continuously stand and appreciate flags and national anthems even when the nation that won is rarely any longer mine 😊

  4. Trash video having a glimpse threw your eyes as a white male the national anthem is prejudice please be taught the third verse of your national anthem Francis Scott secret’s a identified racist they did no longer love shaded of us please compose your examine when talking about shaded of us and why we compose things sitting for the national anthem is a voice that desires to be done in express to be handled sexy in The USA

  5. Factual due to she made it there doesn’t mean there isn’t any longer any racism. You fabricate no longer know what she went by. She is one a success shaded amongst many who fell to the wayside by oppression. In the merchant marine we like 2 shaded captains… Out of 125 captains!! Does that lisp racism?! On any of my boats the total public (realistically 75% are of us of coloration) and here is fundamentally the total boats due to that is mostly who they make use of. And as far as the OFFICERS lunge, (the roles that count that design the exceptional money) i’m in a position to honestly with out exaggeration articulate at LEAST increased than 90 percent are white. So bullshit brother. It is seemingly you’ll possibly per chance possibly merely mean effectively however you will like NO procedure. This is most intelligent the begining of the white privilege/systemic racism I’ve persisted. On all my ships I’ve been the ONLY sailor who is aware of 4 sight discount tables, the polar grid, polar discount, cleared lunars, and lots ins and out of navigational astronomy. I’m a MASTER of celestial navigation. NO ONE on any if my boats, no longer the Third mates, no longer the navigators, no longer even the captains could possibly per chance contact me. I even saved a boat from practically coming near flash fire and even after that the navigator refused to signal for my watches. The Walter S Diehl would possibly be at the backside of the Atlantic if no longer for me. Sorry to claim this however alot of white of us fabricate no longer want to glimpse native individuals near. They fabricate no longer bear we deserve the things they’ve (stole by lying) from us. Appreciate no mistake however hate must be taught and there are correct of us far and big however that hate is handed down alot amongst them. I like no drug or alcohol historical past, no arrest file, hell i fabricate no longer drink or smoke however in this way its NEVER correct sufficient. We are defined by our actions or lack thereof brother. You’ve correct movies however here it’s seemingly you’ll possibly per chance very effectively be detrimental. You are staunch that its better here than any space I’ve been however am i supposed to be grateful when our land was stolen by deception and motivate stabbing lies? When whenever i compose what’s anticipated of me your of us like their foot on my neck? Hurry here could possibly per chance very effectively be essentially the most intelligent nation however i was here first and i fabricate no longer even discover a truly perfect chance. Ought to i return to my nation? Oh that is staunch im the REAL american. Even working for the fed i find no appreciate. Im ready to sue these fucks. Its the cause after since 2016 I’ve been federally credentialed and STILL fabricate no longer like the wanted sea time for a captains license. If no longer for the racism identification like it already. So in REALITY if no longer for the white man identification like a captains license now..

  6. As you talked about, USA is rarely any longer perfect staunch love every nation there, so I accept it ironical when Americans are so fleshy of themselves and discuss their nation as if there are no other international locations on the earth who are no longer decrease than as free as theirs. Look, USA is one in every of essentially the most free nation on the earth. Nonetheless, freedom is rarely any longer most intelligent seemed by superficial things love staunch to voice or freedom of expression, apart from quite a great deal of international locations like that too. How about low crime price international locations? Don’t you undercover agent that a freedom to lunge wherever with out other things to thoughts? How about international locations with low poverty price? Is that no longer a freedom for of us to acquire products and services or aquire things they desire?

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