11 thoughts on “Mass ANARCHY Coming -LEAVE NOW!!”

  1. For the TRIGGERED folks saying anarchy capability something else. Be taught to make use of a dictionary. Websteran·ar·chy/ˈanərkē/nouna lisp of dysfunction due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.Beautiful definite that’s what I point out. Thanks

  2. Or no longer it is significant to absorb a convention up video. Clearly nothing has took build and you were so definite there used to be going to be blood in the streets. From where I’m at in Southern California, it’s industry as typical

  3. I pray your channel stays up!🙏American media is telling us nothing. Making an try to salvage out of So. California nevertheless being disabled makes it no longer easy.

  4. I’m in a position to’t motivate nevertheless wonder if channels like this are kept up factual to prepare the followers..?Someone else I think they already have a 🎯 on you?

  5. What about suburbs of necessary cities they would possibly maybe maybe absorb nothing here. I’m a disabled extinct I surely have enough meals, water for a year and ammo for much longer than a year. I’m in a suburb of NYC. Most folks are armed with rifles and shotguns a proper cope with handguns. I would absorb better bugging in. So if I needed to hunt that’s stunning. My community has boats for a noteworthy community to salvage off Prolonged Island. I absorb no longer query riots or fire fire fights here nevertheless ready they’d no longer last long anyway. DB. Most folks are now not going to veil in the woods. Within the event that they reach we will have the selection to fight. While you dispute proceed now we’re are most folk going. We have our home’s and noteworthy plans.

  6. AMS American Meterological machine 1919.. forty five Beacon Avenue. Boston, MA 02108 supported by the NSF Nationwide Science Foundation below Grant No. ESI-9819359 WES

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