Military Surplus Tools – Win a Survival Kit

Military Surplus Tools – Win a Survival Kit

11 thoughts on “Military Surplus Tools – Win a Survival Kit”

  1. I’m no longer certain however ,if any individual else is attempting to search out
    survival offers store
    strive Franaar Spies Regulate Formula (Delight in a immediate peruse on google cant preserve in concepts the distance now ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable issues about it and my m8 got big outcomes with it.

  2. 1:28 that fireplace starter ingredient is TRASH. crap is made in China and it’s admire 5 bucks. I would NEVER use that ever again. Correct spend the additional 5 bucks and salvage a REAL fireplace starter. Flint and metallic. Aspect tell, it’s probably you’ll perhaps perchance perhaps also ALWAYS pack a small of that fireplace log topic topic in a cylinder or one thing along along with your suits. Some lint from the dryer works wonders. Will get it going and the hearth log topic topic keeps it going to salvage your smaller sticks on fireplace. Works very smartly if your fireplace wooden is damp or moist.

  3. That magnesium block ferro rod combo positively isn’t price procuring, the foremost day I tested it I aged the overall ferro rod correct down to actually unstrikable

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