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  1. And yes I’m in any case conscious all my feedback are being sensered and even traced…….Stand for somethingWhen fellow Americans are being forged in redflag authorized pointers and find 22 situation up as now we have seen many instances. Time to unite WHAT PART OF DIVIDED WE FALL, don’t ya secure.We the peopleNot me the folk

  2. Republicans and democrats are tyrants one gets to retain watch over the inhabitants for four years then the next one gets to retain watch over us. If y’all can’t explore now we must alternate our executive. It be to easy for radicals to secure in and discontinuance us from the within we must purge the intention, introduce a legislation asserting no legislation would perhaps be passed that contradicts the structure. We can no longer stay on as a country with traitors on the within. If we originate it where we can prosecute or elected officials for writing any bill that contradicts the Constitution that is mainly the most handy blueprint we can stay this mess with a purge of the intention originate a legislation that any elected legitimate that makes a legislation or tries to accelerate a bill that contradicts the Constitution they would possibly perhaps perhaps also very well be held federally liable. Then we would possibly perhaps perhaps be salubrious for a whereas.also it desires to be you will must be born here and lived here (U.S.A) within the previous 20yr. Being a citizen for 5 staunch isn’t very in any case anuff.

  3. The handiest staunch marvelous and staunch patriotism is absolute constitutionalism. Militias are an unlimited thing. The militia is the vital Institution established within the structure. For folk who would be silly passable to deem that militias are Antiquated and ragged. Effectively I come up with this newest U.S. code relating to Militias. 10 U.S. Code § 246 – Militia: composition and classesU.S. CodeNotesprev | subsequent(a)The militia of the US contains all in a whisper-bodied males at the least 17 years of age and, except as offered in share 313 of title 32, below 45 years of age who’re, or who have made a declaration of diagram to became, electorate of the US and of female electorate of the US who’re participants of the National Guard.(b)The classes of the militia are—(1)the organized militia, which contains the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and(2)the unorganized militia, which contains the participants of the militia who’re no longer participants of the National Guard or the Naval Militia. [All able-bodied]Our intention of executive is a constitutional republic. This implies Here’s the energy structure of The United States.1) The giver of inalienable rights. ( Resolution God or nature.)2) We the folk.3) The structure and bill of rights that we the folk subjugated the manager to.In all completely different governments, the folk are suspect. Suspect of subversion, sedition revolt, and tyranny. Handiest in this country is the manager suspect. Here’s for marvelous reason. No completely different entity within the historic previous of the area has killed and maimed more folk than governments. This newest executive is a extensive probability to the Constitution and the necessity of the governing folk. THAT IS THE INSURRECTION!!!! We and the structure govern the branches. That’s what self-governing is. Our structure and our inalienable staunch to well accumulate out folk who help our will ought to no longer be infringed.

  4. Care for the verbalize. I purchased the accelerate and evasion DVD. Used to be glad to secure a sticky label with it and it is on my attend window below my skinny blue line flag.. however now I want one for my ammo containers. I have been gathering my favourite channels and sticking them on my ammo boxe s and my salubrious. Plz if any individual reads this let me know how I will secure but one more

  5. They are getting illegal votes tho , till we stay that we are going to never have passable voters to beat them.. deem about it, Trump received more votes ever … But Biden received more .. it would perhaps be that blueprint till we repair the voter fraud

  6. The long sport to fixing this social field is to restore the corrupted education intention. The education boards of every whisper are I cahoots with there agenda teaching youngsters faux values. We’re as folk going to work day to day accelerate feed our family’s and must refocus on what the children are being taught at college.

  7. For militias to be a extensive impact in a civil battle, lone groups or folks would possibly perhaps perhaps also no longer discontinue the job. Handiest states, or the elevated counties, have the sources to toughen a extensive militia Also, within the case of a civil battle, the federal navy will, at the least at the beginning, obey the president out of inertia- although he’s Joe Biden. Many folks would perhaps be conscious their constitutional obligations, however it is possible you’ll perhaps perhaps explore spacious scale shifts ONLY if there is an ethical different- a whisper or states asserting that the President has violated the structure and is which means of this truth now no longer the authentic nationwide govt. On a whisper or county stage, the ethical foundation already exists for a militia- the Sheriff’s authority to originate a Posse and deputize folks. Location an assembly dwelling, fancy the County Fairgrounds. Devour volunteers assemble, supervised by National Guard personnel, Command Police and Sheriff’s Deputies. Devour the volunteers originate squads, then elect squad leaders. Every 4 squads then elect a platoon leader. Every 5-6 platoons then elect a company commander. As soon as the company is formed, put up a roster to the Command Adjutant Traditional by the closest National Guard unit. Non-public militia groups would perhaps be impressed to ticket up for, to attend present management and group. Donations of food, vehicles and equipment would perhaps be soliticited however, at the least at the beginning, volunteers will must originate their have personal weapons and equipment. As used to be required of militia in colonial days, volunteers would perhaps be expected to feed themselves for a minimal of the vital few days, till the whisper or county can arrange logistics. If you have a whisper, or states, which have find 22 situation up an opposition nationwide executive AND mobilized major militia forces, it is possible you’ll perhaps perhaps be in a whisper to field a tyrannical federal executive.

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