NAVY SEAL Arrested for “Army Equipment”

NAVY SEAL Arrested for “Army Equipment”

11 thoughts on “NAVY SEAL Arrested for “Army Equipment””

  1. The fact is FAR stranger than most folk would possibly well factor in. The incontrovertible fact that he stated these folk are PAID ACTORS has a LOT of fact to it in many cases. The field is a stage and the game is rigged and has been for a lengthy, lengthy, time. The BIBLE is TRUE of us and the things described therein are taking place with growing frequency in these final days! Appropriate wait and watch how staunch things get in the impending years. Whenever you happen to belief Covid became mistaken and loopy, it’s gonna light in comparability to the things that are coming down the pike.

  2. Doubtlessly already been mentioned but what’s the variation between this occasion and the drug smuggler Brittany Griner other than she is black he’s no longer she is share of the Alphabet community he’s no longer she is a unsuitable celeb he’s no longer. This dude is a Feeble and our country must unruffled be combating for his unlock. The set I’d the info protection of this where is the outrage over this. No person on the woke aspect goes to verbalize right here’s a unlawful detainment and hundreds others. We now beget got to press our elected officials to get this passe released

  3. Here’s bullshit. A vet that fought inviting for this country and the US obtained’t again. Our country has change into pathetic. I’m embarrassed to be an American this day. There became a time when our authorities would beget your support. What came about? What came about is our authorities doesn’t care about it residents anymore. In particular folk that fought for them.

  4. chump became a joke he defended all of the folk he bashed in the course of his marketing campaign. He obtained bailed out by globalists wilber ross and Soros the fellows is a fraud. hes no longer conservitive he became positioned there to be israels foot stool

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