NEW!! ESEE Pocket Survival Tin/Package

NEW!! ESEE Pocket Survival Tin/Package

11 thoughts on “NEW!! ESEE Pocket Survival Tin/Package”

  1. Here’s a critical survival tin/equipment to have in your pocket. I wish Canada had/made/distributors for stuff take care of this. As sick because it sounds in most cases I in actuality derive it more cost-effective to aquire from U.S , then in my hang yard…. And U.S repeatedly has the chilly Sh*t for sale.. Overjoyed I proper ordered one… Thanks Jack now not handiest lift out you might perhaps perhaps perchance have just trusty-looking out studies however your an ultimate salesman theres a saying up right here in the critical white North.. ”You my buddy might perhaps sell ice to an Eskimo”

  2. Involving critical needless. Not even a predominant abet fragment was incorporated. A fishing equipment when most of us stay in a city? Thanks for the evaluate however, now not price the cash at all.

  3. This equipment is mainly NOT WORTH the associated rate enthusiastic by the contents. I in my figuring out constructed an intensive altoids equipment for a portion of what esee are inquiring for this. The splendid just trusty-looking out recount about this equipment is the tin. Whereas the contents are just trusty-looking out ample the worth is wayyy to excessive.for what it is.I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND PURCHASING THIS KIT.

  4. it is a extremely good equipment however I brobely put something for waterpurefication in this equipment and a rating with a mark by 1L to transport the pureficate watter

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