11 thoughts on “NFAC is DANGEROUS”

  1. Reproduction, print and memorize NFACThe four rifle differ security tips are:Take care of each weapon as if it were loaded. Help your finger straight and off the trigger unless you propose to fireplace. By no technique point your weapon at anything else you don't intend to shoot. Help your weapon on gain unless you propose to fireplace.

  2. Beautiful learned your channel this day. I know…the build the hell secure I been? I am retired Navy and my job used to be weapons and security. I am also a Fluctuate Master. Beautiful saying thanks to your calmness as I secure an advanced time with nonetheless. I finished counting after about 50 violations nevertheless what scared me essentially the most is these contributors didn't even perceive they were entirely unsafe. Beautiful Anguish.

  3. One thing I learned in my 30 years with the US Army – never underestimate your enemy. While this video centered on gorgeous weapons going by contrivance of I deem we can’t brush apart this faction as a total bunch of screwups. My $0.02 worth. Help your powder dry.

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