11 thoughts on “NO ONE Is COMING to SAVE YOU”

  1. BSS V5 Tactical Gentle: SURVIVAL FOOD-NUTRIENT SURVIVAL (CODE BLACKSCOUT10) FOR 10%OFF Air TAG itself ( you want this for the bracelet or necklace) AIR TAG Bracelet for monitoring: Air sign necklace: WATER Royal Berkey: Pepper spray gun: Stomach band for pistol :

  2. Yep! Makes me wonder if it is now not loyal. On yarn of there’s a demon within the Devil Admire faith that feeds on the souls of dying that comes from warfare. The overall angle for the length of his tune events is to ignore somebody suffering as if it be now not relevant- only his display matters. I attempted staring at however something gave me a creepy feeling and I bought out of there.

  3. Most of those slow other folks mediate they’re 10 feet noteworthy and Bulletproof and along with they mediate oh I discontinuance in a upscale neighborhood that would possibly presumably well presumably never happen to me however they save now not tag it that thieves and the murderers scramble to your destination in autos they save now not delight in to live around you to to find you so do now not be slow provide yourself with protection or all that jogging and crap and smartly being advantages will be for nothing at the same time as you are needless

  4. 🤔🤔🤔 these kinds of of us that you realize of mine true guns and ammunition the motive why they save now not anxiousness it be as a result of they idea on taking the neighbors meals or any one that haven’t got safety I do know this for a fact I became within the gun retailer I became shopping a evening imaginative and prescient scope and I certain now not to and this guy had been following me around the retailer ready for me to put it down so he would possibly presumably well presumably purchase and we talked about it and we were standing commence air talking about survival and he said if he haven’t got a generator and his neighbor has a generator he will head down there and rob it I requested him I converse that you must now not true put a quiz of to to head down and use it or to let you inch a line down to it he said no I will true scramble down there and rob it so as that enable you realize one of the most of us that is shopping ammo and guns and that is it don’t belief them as a result of when s*** hit the fan they are going to be those searching to rape you of your items

  5. 🤔🤔🤔 if s*** hit the fan the acceptable factor to protect out is to thrill in from that Patriot discipline you posted stock up on meals and along with they’ve water filters too and ammunition and guns evening imaginative and prescient ballistic vest and bunker down lock down every thing and rob no prisoners

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