Now CHINA is Using LASERS!

Now CHINA is Using LASERS!

11 thoughts on “Now CHINA is Using LASERS!”

  1. All this B.S. is going down in SUCCESSION…BE SAFE STRAP UP whenever you happen to have not… and whenever you happen to may perhaps well perchance be…GET MORE.

  2. Cheer up! It is valid a balloon…The US is so silly… You may perhaps well perchance perhaps beget worried your beget shadow…You are frightened that others will attain the same to your nation since you may beget got carried out so worthy sh*t to assorted countries. Why defend still when the CIA spying on assorted countries? When but any other nation spies on you… You valid defend on whining.. Serene, endure in tips Edward Snowden?

  3. No attempting to get into it with someone. Nevertheless can you translate China stated or no longer it is their balloon? China is the arena’s retailer. If their would be a battle on American floor. Elite, politicians, Hollywood and excessive design govt would no longer be viewed however by digicam and fade below floor. Their below floor bunkers I’m sure see admire govt companies above floor. We are these that beget every little thing to loose. The US and China politicians talk and both side fragment of the Original World Satanic Expose. War is huge money for politicans however no longer for us. It can perchance perchance be very unsuitable for us meals, gasoline, provide shortages and more. Possess you viewed and studied the Original White Home in Ozark Missouri with below floor bunkers and tunnels? I’m sure they’ve tunnels that lead out side the nation so the significant gamers can take off.

  4. Looking on the wavelength of the lasers they may perhaps well exercise it as a missile protection wall of lasers succesful eradicating the leisure from ships plane missiles to private the sunshine bid can beget been a easy non-lethal test to make positive the design changed into once operational valid a thought

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