On my own In Algonquin. Day 3 – “BLACKFLIES FOR MOSQUITOES”

On my own In Algonquin. Day 3 – “BLACKFLIES FOR MOSQUITOES”

10 thoughts on “On my own In Algonquin. Day 3 – “BLACKFLIES FOR MOSQUITOES””

  1. Hi Joe, potentially watched the majority of your movies, thank you, perfect wondering what you carry out for a living, perfect being nosey, hope you don’t mind, luxuriate in what your doing, I have been doing this also for approximately 25 years

  2. Colossal commute, Joe. Thx for sharing your saunter with us. Would desire to know your preference for the portable canoe seats you utilize. You look rather contented and I don’t ogle you complaining about encourage or other body issues, most continuously prompted by unlucky canoe seating.

  3. In July 1977, I and 3 other chums left NYC and went as much as Algonquin for 2 weeks. A gargantuan time. We left Opeongo Outfitters and rowed up the North arm of Opeongo Lake and portaged to Proulx Lake. One fellow purchased sick and portaged encourage to Openogo Lake. Took the water taxi encourage and hitched hiked encourage to the states. We did no longer realize that he’d carry out that. We stayed 2 days on Proulx Lake and by some means resumed our saunter to Runt Crow lake and Tall Crow Lake. On the Crow river, we encountered a Bullwinkle Moose with a enormous rack perfect grazing on lilies. After a 10 min standoff, he let up bound and we persevered on our arrangement. Stayed on crow bay and braved a actual wind throughout Lake Lavieille. Then on to Hardy Bay, Dickson Lake and by some means encourage to Opeongo. Colossal commute. So many memories. Thanks for the videos. They brought encourage gargantuan memories.

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