Overnight Bushcraft Camp with my Dog – WAKING UP IN THE SNOW!

Overnight Bushcraft Camp with my Dog – WAKING UP IN THE SNOW!

10 thoughts on “Overnight Bushcraft Camp with my Dog – WAKING UP IN THE SNOW!”

  1. Joe, per chance you’ll want to enact a contemporary outing with the old equipment. Keep up a correspondence about the scents of previous days long gone by. Bring the contemporary canines. Keep up a correspondence of the old dog, too.

  2. Joe, please end taking half in as a lot as the digicam enjoy a baby of seven. About a of what you enact is barely embarrassing and I enact cease up immediate forwarding thru it or spoil out out. Finally, who needs to discover up someone’s nostril or hear bodily capabilities. Arrive on man.

  3. Tuesday, 16 Feb 2022, 2024 Hrs/CstJoseph,It’s doubtless you’ll per chance must give the establish and take care of of your employer! Would desire to be first within the employment line. Any employer who supplies its staff that quantity of time to head camping has purchased to be the most attention-grabbing within the field. My employer supplies me, accurate, fifteen (15) days a one year for vacation and one in unhappy health day each and every thirty (30) days.Particular would desire to hold the time you would possibly well hold for camping. Set aside a observe for me, I positively want to work to your employer!Regards, “Ski”

  4. Love your motion photos. Of course enjoy the motion photos with Scout. I shuttle for work plenty and these videos originate me lope over Gus. (my yellow lab). Aid doing what you enact.

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