“Piles of BRICKS” in Kenosha AGAIN!!

“Piles of BRICKS” in Kenosha AGAIN!!

11 thoughts on ““Piles of BRICKS” in Kenosha AGAIN!!”

  1. Paid for by fema and your full counterfeit news outlets. Glean pleasure from the counterfeit news given to you with complimentary bricks for the continuation of stoking racial flames with stagged events. Long live george floyd and jussie smollett. Sheeple preserve attempting for better TVs so that you might perchance maybe be ready to explain referring to the simpler lies on daily foundation on those flat screens.

  2. Handiest dumb@$$es ship bricks to a gunfight.They’ve made it determined, They ARE AT WAR.It's time we answer in form.🖕 these Commies.TWICE!!!

  3. I comprise right here’s a out of the country intelligence operation. Foreign places governments, esteem Russia and China, would esteem to witness greater division and struggling with within the US. The extra they are going to stoke those fires, the greater.

  4. I change into appropriate discussing this very discipline the loads of day, how your full BLM riots had mysterious random pallets of bricks in a complete lot of states and cities. We’re in an active asymmetrical warfare with a world crytocracy that targets to abolish The US and its sovereignty. If We the Of us cannot glimpse throughout the veil of deceit, we are succesful of undoubtably perish.

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