11 thoughts on “PREPARE for the FALL of AMERICA”

  1. Right here’s a neighborhood encourage saddle up,that is bushrod days,flee the king…..slavery days…Even within the occasion that they dominated in opposition to us in world court doesn’t mean they contain got our wonderful interest at coronary heart that used to be a loophole to net internal of The united states to dictate her policies

  2. Currently 17 I am saving up money and quiz for “tactical survival tools” for “camping” and “looking out” for Christmas and birthdays. Shrimp by microscopic I will most likely be prepared for a fall and observe to the wilds or switch to japan if issues net to unsuitable. I pray to all and god bless The united states

  3. I resolve that it’s most likely that Russia and China are going to crew up in opposition to us within the shut to future.Excessive on the listing of probabilities is that they are going to hit us with huge EMP weapons. No longer 50kv esteem our navy are hardened too however 200kv. When they attain neutral correct about everything with a chip or a circuit board will straight be useless.Within the mean time that involves everything from Evening imaginative and prescient devices too flashlights. None of that pricey tools that guys had been coaching with will work.This will most likely be ww2 and guerilla tactics.Better commence pondering encourage too fundamentals.Thanks for all you attain.John Davis Jax fl

  4. I contain regarded as operating for region of enterprise in my convey of Louisiana. If I had been to streak and then net into region of enterprise, the wonderful thing I would in fact promise is attain everything in my energy to defend folks’s rights. That is the wonderful thing in my peek that elected officials wishes to be doing. But I would also convey my folks I cannot attain it on my own. Whenever you happen to need your rights precise, it’s a long way a must-must also seize an active role. That is one of many issues I judge Trump will have to contain performed when he used to be operating for president the first time. He will have to had been noteworthy more humble and told the folks the truth. In fact that you may per chance strive and operate The united states mountainous over again however he cannot attain it by himself.

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