11 thoughts on “PROOF of COVER UP??”

  1. nobody believes the experiences, nevertheless nobody will in truth DO one thing about any of this, so why even discuss about it? It be admire realizing the constructing is on fireplace, nevertheless no longer making an try to salvage out.

  2. FAKE! Plotted and undoubtedly agitated by many companies for their very delight in exercise. These contemporary regulations they are passing are worse than patriot act. WHERE DOES THIS END?

  3. Exactly what we were all pondering.. There may be no probability of ever calling these guys lend a hand in to testify ever again.. Anything to preserve the warmth off of NUTTY NANCY.. She would tumble this whole nonsense and delight in all americans released if any individual would threaten her with taking the stand to be questioned , factual admire she did on the closing time they tried to impeach Trump!! But they had so vital proof in opposition to him until they acknowledged that in the occasion that they tried to call of us to the stand she’s going to almost definitely be the major in line… Lol!! BAM! IT WAS GAME OVER!! SHE WAS SUPER PISSED!! I’LL NEVER FORGET HOW LONG I LAUGHED AT THAT IDIOT OLD HAG!!

  4. I’ve heard most ceaselessly that folks that or shut to other of us who commit suicide most ceaselessly create the same. But it certainly’s factual too unfamiliar admire you acknowledged it doesn’t odor factual.

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