Put together now for the unknown

Put together now for the unknown

11 thoughts on “Put together now for the unknown”

  1. I started getting ready in 1998 with my bunker I have been within the market for the closing three days doing stock on firearms ammo fractions water the five hundred gallons of gas for the generators obtained them prepared started the quad runners that is within the market and a bikes check out the batteries and a two-intention radios roughly solar panels check out the entry door locks I convey the entirety’s ready and if you’re now not ready you are too unhurried

  2. There are so great of other folks right here within the USA…Number 1 they might must thin the inhabitants first GREATLY!!!!! To assemble a take over extra manageable!!!!!! Then its appropriate a wrestle to take land / portion by portion pronounce by pronounce.

  3. YES! I prayed to God that Joe Biden would earn the election and God answered my prayers. God is ethical! 😍😍 🌊🌊🌊 The BLUE WAVE PREVAILED Biden/Harris/Schumer/Pelosi/Warnock/Ossoff 2020! 🌊🌊🌊 😍😍 πŸ‘

  4. Cease you occupy got it in e book structure because there isn’t such a thing as a speak about electrical energy! If truth be told be conscious to aquire a vitality inverter which changed your 12 v DC into a 120v useable vitality offer. Even a shrimp solar panel will likely be enough to assign up and recharge that 12 v dc battery. Never Give Up!!!

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