Sad Scout Opinions – Triple Aught Assign Fast Pack EDC

Sad Scout Opinions – Triple Aught Assign Fast Pack EDC

11 thoughts on “Sad Scout Opinions – Triple Aught Assign Fast Pack EDC”

  1. Jack I take into accout seeing one among your intros and likewise you were wearing the Triple Aught Rapid Pack. I steadily loved that pack.. Then I spotted on your present FaceBook posts.. So I went to their internet sites and used to be taking a stare around and ended up getting the Rapid Pack Litespeed.. Gotta articulate it be a reasonably taking a stare EDC Pack…

  2. I have been a in point of fact very long time Maxpedition fan.  I truly enjoy plenty of TAD gear dresses however never even handed their packs so maybe I’ll steal a stare at this one.  I find now not gaze that somebody’s mentioned Vanquest.  Vanquest is a company I chanced on most racy this year and they also are merely the subsequent stage above Maxpedition in terms of facets and configuration.  I real bought their Falconer 27 pack which is a worldly Maxpedition Falcon II.  Seek it up.

  3. I went for Goruck Gr2 and I esteem it. However for a smaller rep I would possibly well well slump for this once I truly enjoy the money, Goruck sucked on all my money however used to be price it 😀

  4. I would possibly well maybe well be drawn to your thoughts on EDC packs for astronomical other folks. I’m taller and receive most EDC packs find now not truly hit my hips, the belt in most cases involves my decrease ribs. Any tips?

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