Sad Scout Tutorials – Speed and Evasion [Noise, Mild, & Litter Self-discipline]

Sad Scout Tutorials – Speed and Evasion [Noise, Mild, & Litter Self-discipline]

11 thoughts on “Sad Scout Tutorials – Speed and Evasion [Noise, Mild, & Litter Self-discipline]”

  1. How you gonna evade and veil from somebody like me, 173rd army MAC/SOG (skysoldier),ROTC nationwide championship drill crew member 3yrs, then served 96th SAC USAF recon (death from above), I started trapping and searching at 7,Jungle expert,Fort Sherman, Panama,grew, up taking part in in jungles,oceans,dad used to be USN,no one may perhaps maybe well perhaps,.you omitted picking up needless animals rub them in all locations.relieve tract.fallacious leads.

  2. Tape your zippers. They jingle like bells.Whenever you safe misplaced at slow night time. Count on the moon to upward push. Compass & Chart. TVMDC+w

  3. Nothing outrageous with hydration bladders…. dangle a hydration bladder and a water canteen both elephantine and drink from the bladder, when its empty earn it from the canteen till the canteen is empty

  4. A factual one to endure in mind referring to veil and concealment; conserving in mind why issues are considered/spotted. When I was going thru recruit coaching (Aust army) we had been taught a easy-to-endure in mind procure phrase, at the same time because it’s seemingly you’ll perhaps well. We use/had been taught: Mom trot and her five daughters – Shine, silhouette, shadow, sound and velocity (of trot/motion).

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