SOLO WINTER SURVIVAL! Minimal Equipment In a single day in a HUGE Snow Storm! 24 Hours within the Desolate tract

10 thoughts on “SOLO WINTER SURVIVAL! Minimal Equipment In a single day in a HUGE Snow Storm! 24 Hours within the Desolate tract”

  1. The video is form of finished processing, within the occasion you’re only seeing it in low quality, that is why. 1080p will most certainly be on hand in just a few min.Apologies for the later than traditional upload, hope you love the video, it's a prolonged one, but I mediate you’ll want to well discover it irresistible!

  2. Oh like you ever had a trek in with a wendigo pause you walk in to field love that or fetch away from the tranquil areas you know those I discuss of the areas that aren’t stunning desolate but gave this air about them. After I advance to areas love that within the wild I’ll walk away and earn every other field to camp even supposing I like to nighttime hike to safe no much less then 2 km away at minimum. I also carry Nvg and extra kit the. You pause I’d worship to strive to pause it with least amount sone time

  3. Hey Joe I'm from Australia and as Canada and Aus are both commonwealth worldwide locations and logistics could well well be complex BUT would you ever imagine doing am OS sequence in Aus the establish we like now alps, rainforests, deserts and beaches galore. Congrats on being a dad – create sure you're there as its an ride you'll be pleased without end Defend on keepin up

  4. Oh my God Joe I about spewed my soda I forwarded it just a few seconds to you hacking away at the campfire with an ax. I couldn't figure out what the heck used to be occurring but it indubitably used to be the funniest thing I've ever considered you pause. Belief perchance you had been seeking to position the hearth out with an ax. I believed perchance you lastly lost it from the total by myself time, even supposing I do know you thrive on that stuff.

  5. Perfect firestarter you’ll want to well well employ and is free and pure and straightforward lite to carry is dryer lint it is a ways love gas can lite it by any spark

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