Stranded, Fishing for Meals, and Saved! Remaining Episode of the STRANDED Series

10 thoughts on “Stranded, Fishing for Meals, and Saved! Remaining Episode of the STRANDED Series”

  1. Hey joe, i know this can even potentially obtain misplaced within the never-ending comments of your ever devoted cyber internet viewers, however i exact wish to train thanks. Ive spent the ultimate year getting trim from a decade of heroin addiction wherein i fully misplaced myself, disconnected from my outdoors nature, and had a mind crammed with nonsense. I spent many hours struggling in mattress detoxing and your videos really helped me straggle the time as i slowly regained energy. They inspired me to open living life all over again in steady methods with neatly-behaved experiences, and to score the not most likely thing regarding the world as soon as extra. Ive viewed myself in you in the entire lot from the Days of the Fresh references to your bond along with your dogs to your curiosity of nature. Correct know that your articulate is soo treasured in a time where other folks are so distracted by empty leisure. Thanks all over again buddy.

  2. Hey! My coronary heart skipped a beat! When the airplane can even now not get you all up! What a ample trail!!! Thank you you each for sharing! Joe, I so hope all is neatly with you and the household! (dogs as neatly) 🐶 please set up o!

  3. Accepted Joe. i watched every minute of this colossal sequence with envy. Gratified to see you would possibly maybe maybe also maybe be easy loving it and thanks for exhibiting it.

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