“Take dangle of Cash From White Other folks”

“Take dangle of Cash From White Other folks”

11 thoughts on ““Take dangle of Cash From White Other folks””

  1. as a black man please pause now not let plain shit esteem this enable you all to salvage that all black folks salvage this vogue. I declare the a similar part to my occupy folks on every occasion they originate generalizations about white folks. handiest the SMART folks regardless of color peek this

  2. ImDontai, a infamous streamer wears this shirt on streams. So, in disbelief, I regarded it up. Chanced on this video. It’s disgusting, preaching this to audiences (mainly young folks). Although they salvage it’s a joke, some folks will rob it seriously and proceed it on to others. It is miles so absurd to promote messages esteem this. It is miles encouraging violence and they desires to be punished.

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