Tenting on the Facet of the Toll road!

Tenting on the Facet of the Toll road!

10 thoughts on “Tenting on the Facet of the Toll road!”

  1. Any individual attempting making an try to earn you to contact them claiming to be me, is now now not.even though the possess the “identical” ticket.Thanks

  2. I do know you said bush craft will get more views and quite a bit others. however for my half your canoe trips are the highlight of your channel. Can in actuality glimpse your passion and the fact that your on the transfer and attain across more in actuality supplies such an improbable sense of adventure.

  3. Sunday, 08 2022, 1300 Hrs/CdtDear Mr. Robinet,Ladies and Women wear “PANTS' however Males wear, “TROUSERS!' Also, buildings possess “DOORS” and “WINDOWS!” Also, buildings possess “DOORS” and “WINDOWS,” however tent openings are “FLAPS!!”Regards, “Ski”PS. Donate, money, clothing, and a pair of of your “FREE” tenting instruments to the Americans of Ukraine. Long Stay UKRAINE, however noxious “MISFORTUNE” TO “PUTIN” and his russia “SUPPORTERS.

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