The 4 “W’s” #shorts

The 4 “W’s” #shorts

11 thoughts on “The 4 “W’s” #shorts”

  1. They first tested below armor in Iraq in 2004… gave us a couple green t-shirts. Got my ass chewed by a jealous Gunny after I bought wait on to Hawaii. Restful gain the shirt and unruffled put on it. Prickly warmth below your flack sucks man. 😂

  2. Is there a technique to place you dry in case you layer up ? I reside in Texas and it’s humid constantly practically .. even when it’s been valid cool 35f which here is de facto cool lol , nonetheless after I layer I get dangle of moist then your indisputably cool … I been shopping more below armor stuff as of lately .. your understanding thank u.. pondering perchance because I unruffled put a below shirt ahead of the below armor … perchance I need to not be doing that it’s honest more chuffed .. love I gain a level IV package/plate these indisputably get dangle of you sweating .. will below armor repair that .. I haven’t sold below armor tops as of but ..

  3. A appropriate fleece is the next mid that a insulated puffer. Save the moisture inviting out. Wick. Fleece. Gore. Cotton is nasty. Cotton kills

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