The ARMY has Went TOO FAR

The ARMY has Went TOO FAR

11 thoughts on “The ARMY has Went TOO FAR”

  1. The ingredient that offends me stright off is men no longer being men, and ladies no longer being ladies. Our genetic destiny can no longer be altered no subject how many formulation Said person takes off or tries so as to add. Am proud to be a man, as would possibly maybe maybe well moreover restful every various guy, and a girl desires to be proud to be ladies.

  2. Effectively, this “Trans” wretchedness is going to salvage us all killed and owned by one of our enemies. I seen a video honest currently about how there was once an incident in the Russian conscripts who were deployed in Ukraine.Curiously they were Gang Raping about a of the “men” and making them pull a “prepare!” As sickening because it is, those infantrymen didn’t keep up with any crap alongside the traces of “Wokeism.”Meanwhile over in the U S, those forms of guys are given heat milk and cookies.Now, I’m no longer advocating sexual violence or something else illegal.I acceptable wished to show how issues are. It’s miles sickening!What’s this world coming to?

  3. It desires to be obvious to those with eyes to search around for that the govtof the Democrats, Liberal, elites bear been utilizing every procedure at their disposal as weapons in opposition to normal regulation abiding residents.It’s miles so scandalous now that banking, clinical, education and acceptable about every damn ingredient that it is seemingly you’ll maybe well well imagine is being managed and manipulated in opposition to NATURAL HUMAN BEINGS!I pray to God that somewhere, one procedure or the opposite those of us restful hanging on will be bolstered and guarded in opposition to the EVIL attacking us.We are nearing the purpose of no return the put apart these spoiled acts will change into so prevalent that following generations will explore these items as normal.That is how wars of attrition are won!I am aged and drained! For God’s sake we are capable of no longer acceptable salvage these insults in opposition to nature!

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