The motive MILITARY guys WEAR their WATCH adore this???

The motive MILITARY guys WEAR their WATCH adore this???

11 thoughts on “The motive MILITARY guys WEAR their WATCH adore this???”

  1. I outmoded to incessantly wear my search admire that till I smashed and broke the glass bumping the handicap rail within the VA Health center lavatory. No longer very tactical. The doctor I saw even stated we don't want watches anymore. Produce of disappointing 😎

  2. Whereas you’re tough on your tools And In active defense power number 1 admire he stated is the glare number two is so it doesn’t salvage snagged or broken and three more uncomplicated to be taught on a protracted gun or facet arm

  3. That's now not why we design it, yeah that's a earnings nonetheless naa mate, time is indispensable nonetheless a staunch firing situation is more healthy, g shock is what all troopers exhaust nonetheless there pudgy the reason we design it now days is to cease catching on issues admire our armour, it's also extra happy. When or now not it could most likely most likely well be principal to intention spherical a nook there isn't an big unstable search face within the formulation.

  4. I don't know why you wouldn't wear it admire that, its lots extra ergonomicbecause upright lifting your hand will compose it face you while you wanted to witness at it

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