The NARRATIVE didnt FIT the Capitol ATTACK

The NARRATIVE didnt FIT the Capitol ATTACK

11 thoughts on “The NARRATIVE didnt FIT the Capitol ATTACK”

  1. Fill to agree it’s abnormal that sure things are overlooked now that biden is in place of job. Im now not even a trump supporter nonetheless even a blind man can leer that the media is maintaining for biden. The US is falling fast biden has space the long-established of the form of presidents the elite will pick out every election.

  2. I if reality be told feel precisely the same about all that you spoke of , other folks are getting brainwashed by the media ,I indubitably comprise family people that will now not comprise one thing else to attain with me anymore because I was talking the reality about the Biden administration ,and they set apart now not are looking out to listen to nothing negative about Biden I am fifty years archaic and I indubitably comprise never viewed one thing else luxuriate in this I set apart now not reflect things are going to build up any better or now not it would accumulate worse ,God bless all americans and The US

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