The Narratives are a LIE

The Narratives are a LIE

11 thoughts on “The Narratives are a LIE”

  1. Tired of atmosphere spherical, here is all bs, every person says they favor swap nevertheless refuse to fight, IF YOU WON'T FIGHT FOR YOUR OWN FREEDOM YOU DO NOT DESERVE ANY OF IT.

  2. I'm Asian and my fogeys fled Communism right thru the Vietnam Battle. Lots of of us died and comparatively deal of blood became as soon as shed. We don't favor communism here in the U.S.and I don't wish to peer blood shed here and formative years loss of life!! This racism memoir is BS and a media “delusion” and will only predicament off further divide. Communism tactics is to make utilize of flee or faith to create a divide and they also’re going to take advantage of those weakness to the extra special. My fogeys spoke extremely of being handled with respect and kindness from Whites and Blacks when they got here to the U.S. and this became as soon as motivate in the unhurried 70s. I will refuse to take into accout the LIES that the media has conjured as much as match their memoir. I will refuse to take into accout that this nation is so chunky of “Hate” when it became as soon as the U.S.that rescued my fogeys from Communist persecution. Freedom and Democracy for all! Might per chance per chance per chance also fair God Bless the U.S.

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