11 thoughts on “The REAL Reason PELOSI Went to TAIWAN”

  1. American citizens must rating her out OUT She n the comfort of the gang will kill our nation. I also don’t explore how they’ll delete weapons .. it is in our Structure. It is a part of our nation… There is no longer any debate. It is a part of The US. That’s a part of our freedoms. They must punish by striking. However they’ll’t punish all of American citizens.

  2. I imagine Pelosi’s slump back and forth to Taiwan used to be occupation motivated. It is doubtless that Pelosi’s slump back and forth used to be calculated to toughen her approval ranking– to construct her stare tricky, strong, and morally resolute. My guess is that Lyin Joe will succumb to C o v I d or rating Arkancided, Camel Toe will continue to place low, and Pelosi would be the Democrats contender for President

  3. I came up one day of the Vietnam Battle. Had a scholar deferment for 2 years, bought sick of the liberal crap I used to be being taught and dropped out after two years. Went to 1A residing. Then went to a community faculty however the deferment used to be long gone. 1A for 2 years. Then they came out with the lottery for the draft. Pulled 280. The top doubtless they anticipated going used to be 240.Why I used to be so blessed in no longer getting known as is previous my comprehension. Perhaps God had a assorted concept for me. I ended up with a RN diploma and worked till I retired at 62. 30 plus years.

  4. While they’re seeking to feminize all these men, I put myself on trt years ago…I support my ranges linked old for half of the year and potential above linked old the assorted haha. My wife used to be on beginning support watch over both times I bought her pregnant and both of our teenagers came out male. Feminize that mudder fukers haha πŸ–•πŸ˜‚

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