The time to act is NOW!

The time to act is NOW!

10 thoughts on “The time to act is NOW!”

  1. This video was shot a pair of days ago, and issues beget over again changed hasty.It’s now prohibited to camp on Crown Land…I soundless beget a trick or two up my sleeve to be ready to wander camping, nevertheless I’m unsure for how long.Cease safe of us, fresh video rapidly.

  2. Very clever man. I started prepping in 2015 except I had a breakdown. The fresh world characterize is correct spherical the nook. Theres no time it be critical of us originate discovering out and praying for guidence too

  3. I constantly thought for these occasions, and no-one’s calling me loopy anymore. My wife and younger teenagers is now not going to wander with out even when the realm goes to hell. When occasions are correct and issues are cheap, buy what that you could give you the money for to and store issues effectively. I’d pretty throw all these items away in the end and indulge in the effect as an different of being caught with my pants down. This latest downside handiest solidified my stance. Failure to put together is making ready to fail.

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